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Let’s be honest; when it comes to our pets, many of us treat them like they are our children. Feeding a well balanced diet, keeping up with vaccinations, providing a safe and comfortable place to sleep, and giving them plenty of love and attention are ways we show our canine, feline, reptile, and feathery friends that they hold a special place in our lives. But it’s not just your pet that enjoys the benefits of being spoiled with your love and affection; we humans gain a great deal by experiencing the friendship, loyalty, and unconditional love that comes from our animal companions.

At The Temecula Pet Stop we care about your pets just as much as you do and want to help you understand the needs of your furry friend. We have been in business for over twenty years and have experience with breeding, raising, grooming, showing and caring for purebred dogs and cats. So whether you’re new to having a pet in your life or have enjoyed the benefits of animal companionship for sometime now, our goal is to make sure our customers maintain a happy and healthy pet while enjoying the physical and emotional benefits that come with having a pet.

Here are just a few benefits that you and your pet get out of your relationship:


  1. Seeing more of the world Studies show that people who have pets are more active than those who don’t. Whether your pooch needs a potty break or is just itching to go for a walk, your canine companion can bring you some much needed exercise while having some extra fun. At Murrieta Pet Stop has all the supplies you need from collars and leashes to portable water bowls so you can enjoy your outdoor time with Fido.
  2. Adding years to you and your pets life It’s been shown that there are physical, mental and emotional benefits to sharing your life with a pet. Not only do animals keep our stress levels down, having an animal companion can increase longevity in humans. Feeding our pets high quality foods and making sure they have their vaccinations will ensure that they live a long and full life as well. Temecula Pet Stop carries the highest quality food for your dog, cat, reptile, or bird as well as vitamins, dietary and holistic health supplements to encourage a long life for your pet.
  3. Bringing laughter into your life Our pets can bring us some of the greatest joy in life, along with some of the biggest laughs. Pet lovers enjoy swapping stories about silly, crazy, or even scary things our pets have done. We love dressing them up, taking their pictures, posting videos on YouTube and bragging about how smart they are. The Pet Stop carries an array of toys and equipment to keep you and your pet laughing and having fun. We also have an onsite experienced and professional groomer who make your dog or cat feel like a puppy or kitten again with a playful haircut or summer trim.